holy cannoli

Even with the best laid plans, it’s always smart to have a backup. So when our Family Day weekend trip to Carlo’s Bakery (oh yeah, I’m talkin’ Hoboken, baby!) got postponed until the summer, it took me all of 2.2. seconds to come up with a Plan B.  So instead, this Monday, we’re heading to my favourite spot in Buffalo…. The Olive Garden!

But still inspired by the eye-talianness that was to be our weekend, I decided to kick it old school by introducing one of my favourite Italian desserts – the cannoli – in cupcake form.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce the Chocolate Chip Cannoli cupcake! This simple vanilla cupcake is infused with a ricotta-based cannoli cream (including mini chocolate chips) and topped with fresh whipped cream and, you guessed it, mini chocolate chips. Now that’s amore!

the unveiling

If there’s one thing I’ve learned by being in the marketing game for the last eight years, it’s that branding is paramount. It delivers a clear message, confirms credibility, motivates the buyer and concretes customer loyalty. In essence, in speaks louder than words ever could.

And so, I’m excited to introduce the Simply Sweet Cupcakes logo!

A big thank you to the creative mind behind Boost Designs – Adam De Cloet – for being able to translate a few ideas into a fabulous design that is sure to be a big "boost" to business!

happy valen-times!

Valentine’s Day… a day when Cupid does that crazy thing he does, inspiring people everywhere to wear their hearts on their sleeve and profess their love to that special someone.

And since they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – although I’m sure women everywhere would appreciate a husband/boyfriend who can whip up a thing or two in the kitchen after a long day at work – I’m hoping my Valentine will love this latest creation.

So simple, these Valentine’s cupcakes combine a molten lava Devil’s Food cupcake with strawberry buttercream, and an alternating brownie heart or heart sprinkle topping. Just a matter of personal opinion, but I’d take one of these cupcakes over a dozen roses any day.

they say it's your birthday

Well it seems to be a week of birthdays and it’s so nice that not one – but two – of my fabulous co-workers placed an order for custom cupcakes.

The first is a Toronto Maple Leaf theme, with little pucks and hockey jerseys for Mr Curtis Hubbard, who turned 12 on Tuesday. Here’s hoping you have an awesome birthday!

For Elisabeth, who is celebrating her 9th birthday, I created these chocolate base cupcakes with her favourite colour – yellow – buttercream. Since she's an avid horseback rider who, as her mom says, "lives and breathes horses", I topped them off with chocolate sugar cookie horses and spelled “Happy Birthday Elisabeth!”

 Happy Birthday guys – and thanks for letting me be part of your birthday celebrations!

are ya one... are ya two... are ya three...

The only thing more fun than a birthday (I mean, who doesn’t like cake and presents?) is a milestone birthday.

So for my friend Angie Stephen – who turned the big 4-0 today (I know, hard to believe!) – I wanted to make sure her sweet tooth was satisfied with these mini chocolate cupcakes topped with strawberry buttercream and pink sprinkles.

Thanks for sharing your birthday treats Angie, and here’s hoping you had a fabulous 40th 29th birthday!

who's going to disneyland?

Ah, Superbowl - the greatest game on turf (okay, I can't take credit for that one - thank you CP24). An afternoon where the guys - and some girls - have a chicken wing in one hand a beer in the other and both eyes on the TV screen.

For me, it's about friends and food, so of course there has to be cupcakes. So I whipped together these chocolate ones with green-tinted french vanilla icing and sugar footballs.

Happy (American) Footballing!

double the fun

Ahhh, the snow day. As a kid, it would bring the same amount of joy as Christmas morning – at least it did for me. So what better way to pass the day away (after all my work was done, of course ;) than whipping up some yummy treats.

Me Likes Cupcakes
So the first, and following in the footsteps of the much-loved Cookie Monster cupcake, is the Elmo cupcake. Some people might call him Tickle Me Elmo, but because the red food colouring I used made his fur more of a pink colour, I’m calling mine… wait for it… TPT Elmo.

Although they do say that the best way to learn is to make a mistake. So the next time I’ll make sure to use the concentrated food colouring and call it a day. In the meantime, hopefully it will give the trusty taste testers a good laugh.

Sensational Strawberry
The second cupcake was a bit more straightforward. A homemade, moist chocolate cupcake, topped with strawberry buttercream and pink sprinkles. The perfect treat for a girl’s afternoon, wouldn’t you agree?