the cupcake crack up

While Easter is now a distant memory a few things still remain – all those darn chocolate eggs I’ll never get around to eating. What’s a girl to do? Make cupcakes, of course!
I had seen a couple of blogs featuring a mini crème egg cupcake and immediately pulled up my favourite chocolate cupcake recipe for the job. After whipping everything together and filling all my cupcake liners, I placed a mini egg in each one. The key to this cupcake is freezing the mini crème eggs you plan on adding to the batter before baking, that way they retain their shape.

Then, thanks to the cupcake blog stylings of mybakingaddiction, I piped white buttercream on each cupcake, then yellow buttercream to match the “yolk” colour and topped each one off with a mini crème egg. I also managed to use the rest of my Lindor's for the remaining cupcakes.

I’d say this entry was an egg-cellent adventure in cupcake-ing… and a definite addition to my cupcake repertoire for next Easter!

salty sweet surrender

Someone once said: “Be ready to be surprised”. But for a planner like me, that can sometimes be tough.

So when I looked at my April cupcake production calendar and didn’t have anything on the books, the thought that almost immediately followed a twinge of relief was “What am I going to do with myself?” Little did I know that I had a few surprises coming my way that quickly turned things around!

Not only did I fulfill 10 orders just this week, April itself has been a record-breaker with 15 orders to date! And with a week left, there’s still time to place your order, just in case you were wondering. :)

So being cupcake-d out this week, but still wanting to make something, I remembered a quick party treat my friend Amy, of roundpeg productions, mentioned during our busy time of the year at work – when we rely on sweet treats to keep up our energy during those day-long (plus) meetings.

Although I don’t have a name for them just yet, they're so good one might not even be necessary. Here’s how it’s done:

Preheat oven to 300.

Place mini pretzels on baking sheet.

Place a rolo on each pretzel.

Put in oven for 4-5 minutes (just enough to make them soft).

Place a pecan on top of each rolo, push down softly until they’re almost flat.

Let cool before moving to a dish or container.

I’ve brought these treats to a few parties and everyone loved them. Here’s hoping you enjoy these salty/sweet/gooey treats too!

going bananas

There are certain phrases in the English language that almost everyone has used at one time or another. “She’s driving me bananas” or “I’m going bananas!” are two that not only get a point across, but in the age of LOLing and tweeting... truly show your age.

And so, this week, I decided to monkey around (wah wah) by following one of Martha Stewart’s simple, yet delicious recipes for banana cupcakes with honey-cinnamon frosting.

So simple to make, these cupcakes are a nice change of pace from your everyday chocolate or vanilla. And that’s no monkey business!

double trouble

If there’s one dessert that most people my age associate with their childhood, I think it would have to be the rice crispy square. That snap, crackle, pop transformed into a tasty marshmallow-infused square was a winner every time – and so simple to make.

So when I saw this recipe for a Rice Crispy Square Cupcake on my new favourite blog – Cupcake Project – I knew I had to make them. That’s right, a honey/nutella rice crispy square cup filled with a mini vanilla cupcake and topped with milk chocolate icing and sprinkles.

Could you get any funner? (Yes, I know… I majored in journalism in university – but how else would you describe it?)

I think they’re perfect for kids and the kid in each of us.

the week that was...

Thanks to a few of my MK friends, I got to make some really cool cupcakes this week.

The first was for my friend Diane (aka. DLT), who ordered running-themed cupcakes for her grandkids… hard to believe since she only turned 29 on Friday! A big thanks once again to my husband for cutting and crafting the mini running shoes and tank tops.

And since Easter is only a few weeks away, my friend Ginette ordered a few Easter bunnies for her friend’s childen. It’s amazing what some marshmallows, sprinkles, mints, cinnamon hearts and chocolate chips can do.

Oh right, I also made a few Easter baskets (sans handles for now) for two cute little girls I just know are going to love them… even if the sugar rush poses a bit of a challenge to their ever patient mom. 

what's up doc?

If there’s one thing most people know about me, it’s that I don’t do vegetables. Given a choice between chicken, pasta, beef, even fish… if presented on the same plate as veggies, instead of the well-rounded option of eating a little bit of everything, I’ll always choose the non-veggie route.

Although there are a few exceptions – peas, corn, celery and carrots (hey, I said a few!). So when I found a simple recipe for carrot cupcakes on the Wilton website, I broke out the cheese grater and got to work.

With a delicious hint of cinnamon in the air (another one of my faves) and combined with the cream cheese icing I use to top my red velvet cupcakes, I’d say they were just what the doctor ordered (get it? :).

every dog has his day

Since I started my adventures in cupcake-ing this past January, I’ve only created sweet treats for my 2-legged friends. So when the opportunity to make special birthday cupcakes for my favourite canine on his 1st birthday was presented, I got googling.

I found this recipe for special doggie cupcakes, so I gave them a shot and topped them with heart-shaped dog cookies and the ends of a milk bone. 

Let’s see how the birthday boy, Guinness, reacted to his birthday surprise.

And here's what happened about five minutes after he tasted his birthday treat... you would have thought there was sugar in those cupcakes or something!

Sorry birthday boy, two is the limit for one day....even if it is your day.

Looks to me like they were a doggone success!