turtles, turtles... rah, rah, rah!

If it was one thing my grandmother loved, it was her sweets. And running a close third only to Dairy Queen soft-serve vanilla ice cream and Tim Horton’s honey crullers were those legendary Turtles chocolates that also happen rank high on my candy hit list. 

And so, in tribute to my nonna, this week’s cupcake creation is the Totally Turtle-rrific. A chocolate cupcake with a chocolate turtle centre, topped with caramel buttercream, melted chocolate and crushed pecans. This cupcake would have made her smile – and possibly given her diabetes, God rest her soul.

But a little chocolate in moderation never hurt anyone… whether it’s a quick break during a stressful workday or in celebration of a special occasion, this classic combo will having you singing “mmmmmmmmmm, I love Turtles” just as quick as your blood sugar level will spike after enjoying one. 

i scream, you scream…

Nothing says summer like ice cream. And after what seems like weeks of rain, at least in our neck of the (GTA) woods, nothing would make us happier than to feel a little of that summer lovin’ we’ll all be complaining is too hot or muggy in the next few weeks (fingers crossed).

And so in the hopes of motivating Mother Nature to shower us with some sun, this week’s creation is a hot fudge sundae cupcake. With a vanilla cupcake base and topped with homemade chocolate ganache, whipped cream, sprinkles and (standing in as a cherry) a red mini gumball, I’m hoping it’s a peace offering that will encourage her to cast a few rays our way.

Feliz cumpleaƱos Abby!

Hola cupcake lovers! In celebration of Abby’s 4th birthday – and in homage to the 7-year-old with the cute bob and handy backpack that travels around the world to learn and discover – I present to you… the Dora cupcake collection.

Using the colours from her signature outfit, I decorated these chocolate, vanilla and lemon cupcakes with Dora sugar decorations and sprinkles. 

But for the birthday girl, I wanted to go all out. So I topped her chocolate cupcake with buttercream in her favourite colour (orange), added some purple sprinkles and topped it with a Dora-riffic (and Boots) birthday candle I’m hoping will light up her special day.

Muchos gracias!

it's time to celebrate - and have a good time

They say that first comes love, then comes marriage… well, you know the rest.  And this weekend, I was lucky enough to help two fabulous females treat the special woman and grandchildren in their lives, as they celebrated major milestones.  

The first set of sweet treats was for one of my favourite customers – mama-to-be Michelle – who hosted a bridal shower for her future sister-in-law. Incorporating the colours from the artistic shower invite, I created little fondant flowers in alternating colours (with silver ball sprinkle centres, of course!).

Then, I created patterned cupcake holders and added a cute border on the top of each one to really make them pop.

And now (drum roll please) the finished product!

The next cupcake order was for fabulous fashionista Lisa, who celebrated both her granddaughter’s and grandson’s baptisms (which in itself is hard to believe because she doesn’t look a day over 40!).

I mixed the old (school) with the new for these cupcakes.  A combo of chocolate and vanilla, the first set were decorated with pink and blue frosting and, one of my faves, silver ball sprinkles. While the second set were decorated with little pink and blue bibs with buttercream crosses on top. 

These cupcakes were super fun to make – and even more special knowing they’d be part of an exciting celebration in the lives of their loved ones. 

So my only question is: who’s celebrating a wedding?!   

that's mint!

Well, if you grew up in the 80s “that’s mint” was a phrase you either used or heard others use… ALL...THE...TIME. “That car is mint”, “You’re going away on vacation? That’s mint!”, “wow, that shirt is mint” (literally in a lot of cases, mint green was in back then).

So for this week’s cupcake selection, I decided to use this retro phrase as my inspiration to combine mint with chocolate. But instead of just making a cupcake “infused” with mint, I took it one step further by actually placing a York Mint Peppermint Pattie in each chocolate cupcake, then topping it with (you guessed it) mint buttercream and chocolate sprinkles.

Similar to an After Eight (one of my favourites), these cupcakes is definitely... wait for it... mint!

not now honey, mommy needs a drink…

Although I don’t have kids yet, from what I’ve heard – and after a few hours watching the ones I do know rip through a home/park/restaurant with the energy of mini Tazmanian Devils – it’s one of the hardest full-time jobs a woman can ever have.

So what to do in such stressful times? I little nip of alcohol never hurt anyone. So in honour of all you moms out there who work overtime at what is perhaps the most challenging jobs ever – with no career advancement, no salary increases and at times very little appreciation – this cupcake is for you!

I found this recipe for Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes on Cupcake Rehab (insert obvious joke here) and couldn’t wait to give it a go. With a white cake as its base, a little over a cup of Bailey’s in the batter and topped with Bailey’s Irish Buttercream Frosting, it’s the perfect pick me up for that special woman in your life who, according to Tenneva Jordan, is “a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” 

Here’s wishing you moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day on the one day that should be all about you!

from tummy to mummy

To me, there's nothing cuter than minis. Kittens, puppies, babies... for the most part, they're adorable. 

So it was no surprise that for our friend's baby shower this weekend mini cupcakes were the order of the day - a dozen chocolate and a dozen vanilla, with alternating yellow and pink buttercream.

To celebrate the upcoming arrival of their new baby girl at the end of the month, I topped them with mini diaper pins and baby bottles. I'd say that by the speed at which they were enjoyed, they were cute enough to eat!