everything's coming up roses

A bouquet can say so many things – “I love you”, “I missed you”, “I’m so glad we’re friends”. They put a smile of the face of the recipient and make the giver just plain old feel good. 

For this week's cupcake bouquet, I started with chocolate mini cupcakes, hit Michael’s to find a Styrofoam cube (the one’s florists use) and the dollar store for a cute summery planting pot and wooden skewers.

Since the Styrofoam was a cube, I had to trim it down to fit in the pot opening. Next up was strategically inserting the skewers (cut in half) into the block. But before piping the yellow icing (to bring out the flowers on the pot, of course) and sticking each one its waiting skewer, I weaved green tissue paper in between each one to simulate stems.

The result? Well, after Styrofoam shavings everywhere, one heck of a splinter and the reorganization of a few skewers, I’d like to think it’s not too bad for a first timer.

One thing’s for sure, a real bouquet might look better – but this one is definitely more delicious!

let's go to the Ex!

For most Torontonians, nothing signals the end of summer more than The Canadian National Exhibition. The rickety rides, the carnies and, of course, the latest food craze (this year’s offerings include deep fried PB & J sandwiches, a donut burger and deep friend cola).

So with the opening of the Ex today, I thought what better way to honour a Toronto institution than with a cotton candy cupcake. That sugary sweet carnie treat is something devoured by kids with a passion. Although as an adult, eating more than a handful of cotton candy on any given day can cause a case of serious case of gut rot for some (i.e. me!).

But thanks to cakepsy.com, I found a yellow cupcake recipe and a delightful cotton candy buttercream recipe that also calls for a cotton candy topping for each cupcake. 

Next time I make these super sweet confections, I'll be sure to add some red food colouring to the batter to really make them pop and a little less milk for a thicker consistency. 

Other than that, I think one bite of this sweet treat will have you singing… “Let’s go to the Ex – oh baby!”

i scream, you scream... yay, ice cream!

There’s no better way to beat a heat wave – and we’ve had a few this summer – than with a cone, cup or even bowl of ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate, heavenly hash, cookies and cream… any way you scoop it, there’s something for everyone.

And so, for this week’s cupcake selection, I decided to go with a vanilla cupcake baked in an ice cream cone (oh yeah, I said it!), topped with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

Sure, it’s been done before, but it’s still fun to see the reaction on people’s faces when they see them for the first time. I guess we really do all scream for ice cream!