i vant to suck your blood!

I don’t know if it was the exotic accent or the fact that he was really good at math (I’m a sucker for smarties), but the Count (also known as Count von Count) has always been one of my favourite muppets.

Under that bad boy exterior lied a gentle soul who’s simple Christmas wish was to receive his two front teeth. Talk about vulnerability!

So this week, and to kick off my Halloween cupcake collection, I created a vampire cupcake. Starting with a chocolate cupcake as the base, I iced each one with purple icing. Using a Wilton tip #4, I piped his jet black hair into that unmistakable V-shape, then used a smaller tip to make his cute little eyes, smile and, using white icing, his fangs.

Move over Edward Cullen, this Count just might take (cup) cake!

now this is the pumpkin, charlie brown

Jumping in piles of leaves. Apple pie fresh from the oven. Trick or treating. All definite signs of fall. And with them comes one of the more popular symbols of the season – the pumpkin.

So in celebration of the time of year when summer slowly transitions to winter, I give you the pumpkin cupcake. With a pumpkin cupcake as the base, I dyed a batch of cream cheese icing to a bright orange and spread it over each cupcake, topping each one with orange sprinkles and a stubby pretzel treat for the stem.

This week's cupcake might not have been on the difficult side, but this simple, sweet treat is a true homage to the season – and one more thing for which to be thankful.